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    • Playgrounds around Coffs Harbour

      Playgrounds around Coffs Harbour

      Whether you are visiting on holidays or live here, taking the kids to the playground is one of the best free things to do and it is fun.  It’s a great place for kids to interact with other kids and also for mums to meet mums. We have some brilliant parks around Coffs...

    • Bonville Headland Sawtell

      Bonville Headland Sawtell

      Some of the best views on the coast can be found at Bonville Headland - which is great because it's also a fun place to take children. To keep toddlers entertained, bring some old bread to feed the seagulls. They will swarm and provide endless entertainment for kids...

    • Coffs Harbour Markets

      Coffs Harbour Markets

      Shopping is a lot more fun when it involves street food, live music and bargains from local producers, designers and creatives. Coffs Harbour is blessed with multiple amazing markets, including fresh produce markets that can make for a wonderful morning out. Occurring...

    • Mum Life

    • Day Spas Coffs Harbour

      Day Spas Coffs Harbour

      As mums we don’t take time out for ourselves and pampering is usually sacrificed. As much as we love our little ones ‘me time’ could be just what the doctor ordered. So why don’t you spoil yourself and indulge in some pampering, enjoy the peace and quiet, even better...

    • You Know You’re a Mum When…

      You Know You’re a Mum When…

      From the time you find out you are pregnant, you start to realise that there is a lot in your life that is going to change. You also become aware that your priorities will become very different than what they were pre-kids. But sometimes it is the little signs that...

    • Local Mum Feature – Celeste Lord

      Local Mum Feature – Celeste Lord

      This week’s lovely local mum is Celeste Lord. Having only recently moved to the area she fills us in on what she loves best about raising a family on the Coffs Coast. Where and how long have you lived in the area and what do you love about it? I have lived in Coffs...

    • It’s Time For You Chookado

      It’s Time For You Chookado

      So you’re a mum now. And the second that baby was born this deep seeded emotion you can’t control suddenly entered your life. Guilt. It hits you like a cold day in numerous ways. It haunts you on a range of topics – feeding, sleep, play, education… It hits you when...

    • Parenting

      All things parenting on the Coffs Coast. From recipes and time hacks to the day to day ups and downs of motherhood.
    • Fathers Day 2019

      Fathers Day 2019

      The 1st of September is Father’s Day in Australia, the perfect time for honoring fathers or the important male figure in your life.  We often forget the sacrifices and contributions they have made in our lives. This Father’s Day, show him how much you appreciate all...

      Creative Easter Recipe Lunchbox Ideas

      Creative Easter Recipe Lunchbox Ideas

      Kids love finding surprises in their lunchbox and with the Easter countdown, it is an especially fun time to add a little bit of seasonable love into the lunchboxes.  With so many fun Easter cutters, food picks and moulds its easy to get creative in the kitchen.  We...

      Bulk Billed Doctors GP’s Coffs Harbour

      Bulk Billed Doctors GP’s Coffs Harbour

      Finding a new GP and or bulk billed surgery can be time-consuming.  Taken from recommendations of our local mums we have collated a list of some of the bulk-billed GP’s and surgeries around Coffs Harbour. We have also included a couple of private practices which have...

      Active Kids and Creative Kids Rebate

      Active Kids and Creative Kids Rebate

      Have you heard of the Active Kids Rebate and Creative Kids Rebate?  From January 2018, the NSW Government initiated the rebates to assist parents, guardians and caregivers to contribute towards the cost of their child’s fees and assisting with getting them more...

    • Holidays and Travel

      Holidaying with kids? Check out our top tips to make travelling with kids a breeze. We are blessed to be based here in Coffs Harbour with an awesome holiday vibe all year round. Find out the best the region has to offer for school holidays.
    • October School Holiday Guide

      October School Holiday Guide

      Wow…another term has gone by and the spring school holidays are upon us. The burden of finding things to fill the itinerary and keep the kids entertained is looming, so we have found some of the activities scheduled to take that burden away. Coffs has some great...

      July 2019 School Holidays in and around Coffs Harbour

      July 2019 School Holidays in and around Coffs Harbour

      And that’s a wrap, Term two is just about done and dusted.  Now what the kids are longing for is School Holiday fun. To help keep the kids entertained and active these holidays, we have pulled together a guide to some events and activities for the kids around Coffs...

      School Holiday Activities

      School Holiday Activities

      School is out! Which means you will need to find ways to keep your kids entertained throughout the holidays. Here are some affordable and free options to help you survive the next two weeks. Keep them Active with Sports and Workshops Kids DIY Easter Craft Workshop...

      Christmas Day Lunch in Coffs Harbour 2018

      Christmas Day Lunch in Coffs Harbour 2018

      Do you want to take the hassle out of Christmas Day Lunch? Why not enjoy your day at one of the many Restaurants around Coffs Harbour that are organising a great lunch. Many have Santa visiting which is great for the kids. Make sure you book soon as I’m sure places...

      Christmas Family Traditions

      Christmas Family Traditions

      Looking for new Christmas traditions for your family?  Start the season of merry and bright with one of these festive, fun ideas.  We have compiled a list of 25 traditions that you can start with your kids this year.  I'm sure you will cherish them as much as we do!...

    • Lifestyle

      From beauty, career, fashion, health and fitness, money, home, real estate and relationships. You will find it all the relevant info for Coffs Coast Mums.
    • Mother’s Day Events and Gift Ideas Coffs Harbour

      Mother’s Day Events and Gift Ideas Coffs Harbour

      Did you know that Mother's Day is celebrated in Australia thanks to Mrs Janet Heyden, who helped pioneer it after she started a campaign in Sydney to raise money to buy gifts for lonely or forgotten mothers?  The original meaning of Mother's Day was to acknowledge and...

      Easter Gifts – That Are Not Chocolate

      Easter Gifts – That Are Not Chocolate

      Regardless of how you celebrate Easter, one thing is certain it doesn't have to be all about chocolate. If you are looking for something a little different this year or just wanting to cut down on the sugar intake there are plenty of alternatives to ensure that your...

      Creative Easter Recipe Lunchbox Ideas

      Creative Easter Recipe Lunchbox Ideas

      Kids love finding surprises in their lunchbox and with the Easter countdown, it is an especially fun time to add a little bit of seasonable love into the lunchboxes.  With so many fun Easter cutters, food picks and moulds its easy to get creative in the kitchen.  We...

      Great Teacher Gifts That They Will Love

      Great Teacher Gifts That They Will Love

      With the end of the year approaching, it’s natural to want to say thank you for all the teachers' amazing efforts with our kids throughout the year. Here are our ideas for group gifts or individual presents to say thank you for making the difference in our child’s...

      Earn Cash with these Cashback and Survey Sites

      Earn Cash with these Cashback and Survey Sites

      Back in my university days and when I was saving for an overseas holiday I was always looking for ways to save a bit more. One thing I stumbled across from recommendations from a savings forum I was a part of, was to complete online surveys and to be members of...

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Whether you work part-time, full-time or from home, the life of a working mum is a constant juggle. And I don’t just mean paid work. All mums work hard, and even if you are an excellent juggler, chances are you have little to no time for yourself. Here are a few ways I’ve found can help me keep the chaos at bay when raising businesses and babies.

Catch moments when you can

There are some things that just need to get done in a day like the household admin tasks of paying bills. If you work in an office try and do these things while you are on your morning train commute or in your lunch hour. That way you don’t have the stress of needing to find time to do them at home.

Juggle strategically

When we have so many balls in the air it can be tempting to try and juggle a few tasks at the same time. But I find when I do that I end up achieving not much at all.

Instead just pick the top 3 things you must complete that day. When you can carve out pockets of time to work on them do so with a single focus. That means closing down social media and other tabs on your computer and focusing solely on the task at hand.

Same goes for doing housework. I don’t know how many times I have started something then seen something else that needs doing and moved to that and then I have five all half-finished jobs.

Find out what works for you

If you are trying to work from home on your laptop and the kids are demanding attention you are more prone to make mistakes. It might be a case that just for now, while your kids are young, work can only be done during nap time and before and after they wake up in the morning.

If you need more time, weigh up the costs of if you can afford to send them to childcare one day a week so you can have a focused day on the business.

It is all about finding out what works for you as there is no one size fits all approach that will work for everyone. If that means getting up early and working for an hour or two then that is great. If it means getting a few hours help from family a couple of days a week, that is great too.

Focus on finding out how you work best and don’t put too much pressure on yourself to build an empire while your kids are young.

Getting out the door in the morning (without anyone in tears) is the only thing you have to achieve before 8:30 a.m.

Stop trying to organise everything. Your only goals are to leave the house without your first-grader sobbing because she hates getting dressed in the morning. If that means you have to let the laundry pile grow and leave the dishes in the sink until the afternoon then so be it.

Go with your gut, and don’t second guess it later

If you’ve spent days preparing for a meeting that starts in an hour and school calls to report a painful, though not hospital-worthy, monkey-bar injury, there’s no one right thing to do. On any given day, your instinct might be to skip the meeting. Or suggest that the nurse apply an ice pack and send your little one back to class. Make a snap decision and then―this is key―don’t question it later. Let it go. Really. I mean it.

Leave your kids (and the stories about them) at home

While I’m sure your co-workers love hearing about Sophie’s ballet recital, you can keep them begging for more by limiting updates on family life to one per week. Remember―bragging about your kids is what family parties are for.

Make yourself a priority

It’s not selfishness, it’s self-preservation. Whether it’s sitting down to watch Sex and the City re-runs, going out with the girls or simply having time for a long soak in the bath, make sure you factor in time for yourself and the things you enjoy. This is especially important at weekends when you may feel tempted to catch up on all the jobs you’ve fallen behind with during the week, between time spent ferrying children to parties and classes or seeing relatives you feel you should.

Cherish the good things about working

Apart from the money which pays the bills, hold onto the great things about your working day. It could be something as simple and every day as having a good laugh with workmates, drinking a coffee without having a small child clamouring to eat the chocolate on top, having your boss praise you or simply having five minutes to read your book on the train. Similarly, take time to hold onto the most magical parts of being a mummy too. There is room for both.

When balance is elusive, aim for harmony

Even though I have given you some tips on how you can achieve more balance in your life, the truth is sometimes balance just isn’t possible. Finding balance implies that you need to be a master juggler who can give equal attention to a number of areas in your life. When the reality is on some days my kids come first, some days my work takes priority and some days I put self-care first. I try not to look at it as if I am failing to have balance but instead strive for harmony in everything that comes to you and embrace the challenges.