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      Day Spas Coffs Harbour

      As mums we don’t take time out for ourselves and pampering is usually sacrificed. As much as we love our little ones ‘me time’ could be just what the doctor ordered. So why don’t you spoil yourself and indulge in some pampering, enjoy the peace and quiet, even better...

    • You Know You’re a Mum When…

      You Know You’re a Mum When…

      From the time you find out you are pregnant, you start to realise that there is a lot in your life that is going to change. You also become aware that your priorities will become very different than what they were pre-kids. But sometimes it is the little signs that...

    • Local Mum Feature – Celeste Lord

      Local Mum Feature – Celeste Lord

      This week’s lovely local mum is Celeste Lord. Having only recently moved to the area she fills us in on what she loves best about raising a family on the Coffs Coast. Where and how long have you lived in the area and what do you love about it? I have lived in Coffs...

    • It’s Time For You Chookado

      It’s Time For You Chookado

      So you’re a mum now. And the second that baby was born this deep seeded emotion you can’t control suddenly entered your life. Guilt. It hits you like a cold day in numerous ways. It haunts you on a range of topics – feeding, sleep, play, education… It hits you when...

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      All things parenting on the Coffs Coast. From recipes and time hacks to the day to day ups and downs of motherhood.
    • Fathers Day 2019

      Fathers Day 2019

      The 1st of September is Father’s Day in Australia, the perfect time for honoring fathers or the important male figure in your life.  We often forget the sacrifices and contributions they have made in our lives. This Father’s Day, show him how much you appreciate all...

      Creative Easter Recipe Lunchbox Ideas

      Creative Easter Recipe Lunchbox Ideas

      Kids love finding surprises in their lunchbox and with the Easter countdown, it is an especially fun time to add a little bit of seasonable love into the lunchboxes.  With so many fun Easter cutters, food picks and moulds its easy to get creative in the kitchen.  We...

      Bulk Billed Doctors GP’s Coffs Harbour

      Bulk Billed Doctors GP’s Coffs Harbour

      Finding a new GP and or bulk billed surgery can be time-consuming.  Taken from recommendations of our local mums we have collated a list of some of the bulk-billed GP’s and surgeries around Coffs Harbour. We have also included a couple of private practices which have...

      Active Kids and Creative Kids Rebate

      Active Kids and Creative Kids Rebate

      Have you heard of the Active Kids Rebate and Creative Kids Rebate?  From January 2018, the NSW Government initiated the rebates to assist parents, guardians and caregivers to contribute towards the cost of their child’s fees and assisting with getting them more...

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      Holidaying with kids? Check out our top tips to make travelling with kids a breeze. We are blessed to be based here in Coffs Harbour with an awesome holiday vibe all year round. Find out the best the region has to offer for school holidays.
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      School Holiday Guide

      Summer is here, it’s getting hot and the kids are gearing up for school holidays. While the Coast has so much to offer with its stunning beaches, reserves, coastal walks, waterfalls and parks the kids do like a bit of variety. If you are wondering how to keep the kids...

      Christmas Day Lunch around Coffs Harbour

      Christmas Day Lunch around Coffs Harbour

      If you plan on hanging up the apron this year and want to get in to the holiday spirit what better way than starting with a perfect meal. Sharing the Christmas meal with family, friends and loved ones is the best way to celebrate the festive season, which is all about...

      Shop Local Christmas Gift Guide 2019

      Shop Local Christmas Gift Guide 2019

      Keep on giving this Christmas by supporting Coffs small businesses and “shop it local” these holidays. Finding the perfect Christmas gift is easy with our Christmas ideas guide. We have pulled together a list of some of our favourites, buy local this Christmas! Gifts...

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      Where To Go for Santa Photos in Coffs Harbour

      Capture that special moment in your child's life sitting on Santa's knee before he or she is all grown up. Here is your guide on where to find Santa in Coffs Harbour this season. Coffs Central Santa Photos Don’t queue, book in your private Santa Photos and enjoy the...

      Christmas Carols around Coffs Harbour 2019

      Christmas Carols around Coffs Harbour 2019

      Nothing says Christmas like the joyous sounds of carols sung together with family and friends by candlelight. If you love singing your heart out to Christmas Carols, there are some great free community events to attend throughout December. Here is the Coffs Coast...

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    • Back to School Lunch Box Ideas

      Back to School Lunch Box Ideas

      We are nearing the start of the school year and back to thinking about the dreaded school lunches. For those that have children starting Kindy or returning back to school it can be overwhelming coming up with new ideas to ensure that the kids get some variety. Did you...

      Is Coffs Harbour a Good Place to Live?

      Is Coffs Harbour a Good Place to Live?

      Deciding on an area to live and building a life with your family can be a tough choice to make.  Many factors come into that process, and deciding on what your family's priorities are, will not be the same for everyone. So, let's think about Coffs Harbour as a...

      Mother’s Day Events and Gift Ideas Coffs Harbour

      Mother’s Day Events and Gift Ideas Coffs Harbour

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      Easter Gifts – That Are Not Chocolate

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      Creative Easter Recipe Lunchbox Ideas

      Creative Easter Recipe Lunchbox Ideas

      Kids love finding surprises in their lunchbox and with the Easter countdown, it is an especially fun time to add a little bit of seasonable love into the lunchboxes.  With so many fun Easter cutters, food picks and moulds its easy to get creative in the kitchen.  We...

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I know kids (and adults) love Narnia, Neverland, the Shire and the Hundred Acre Woods, so when we heard about Never Never Creek and the Promised Lands near Bellingen, we had to go!

Having checked Google Maps, my husband assured me he knew the way and it would only take about 40 mins to get to Never Never Creek from Sawtell. We packed a picnic morning tea, swimmers and towels, a bucket and a change of clothes (for hubby and Miss 2, since I wasn’t planning on getting wet), and then picked up some takeaway coffees for the road. Bring on the short, scenic drive.

About five minutes in, we had to open Google Maps on my husband’s phone. I tried not to give him ‘the look’ so early in the trip, but I failed. Once he worked out which turn to take, I made the executive decision to keep the GPS directions on. This proved helpful as we got further and further into the trip…

The whole way, I wasn’t sure whether to be more terrified that no one else had been there in weeks and we were going to come across a fallen tree on the road, or that other motorists would speed around the tiny mountain bends and straight into us without warning. It was an unsealed dirt road most of the way, with more potholes than not. My husband the adventure-lover admitted he knew this beforehand and had decided not to mention it.

Like any good adventure into some magical place, it was a strange route to get there, and this only added to the enjoyment of the trip.

We knew we’d arrived when we started to see hints of creeks next to the road and people swimming and jumping off ropes. We pulled up right after crossing the Never Never Creek bridge, where there was a small carpark on the right. There were a few tables in a grassy area, but it was too hot to stay there, so we went straight down to find the water.

Never Never Creek Picnic Spot

We were greeted by thousands upon thousands of smooth rocks, crystal clear ankle-deep water, the sound of trickling waterfalls and playful birds, and plenty of cool shade to sit in. We spread out a towel with our gear and the two kids (hubby and Miss 2) went straight for the water. It was shallow enough for us not to have to worry about her falling over, and in fact, we could walk a long way up the creek without even getting water up to our waists. There are other spots along the creek where you can find deeper swimming holes, but for little kids, this was perfect. We saw a few other families having fun on big floating toys, but for most of the morning, we had the spot to ourselves. It started to get busier after lunch time.

Never Never Creek Picnic

We threw rocks into the water and watched the ripples and wandered around looking for guppy fish. The water was freezing (in March) and according to locals it is always freezing, though you might prefer to say ‘refreshing’ in summer. That didn’t stop Miss 2 and hubby from eventually swimming in a small deep spot they found near a big log. They both walked along and jumped off the log into the water. I enjoyed watching from my spot in the shade.

Never Never Creek Rock Throwing

After we’d been there long enough to get through the food and be sure that Miss 2 had had enough fun to forget how long she’d already spent in the car, we realised it was getting late and we should start heading back.

Never Never Creek Deep Swimming

For fun and to continue our exploring, we drove the whole loop road around the Promised Lands. A few houses we passed had little tables set up out the front, selling fruit or homemade goods. We pulled over and bought some homemade relish, which we may have to go back for! Then the trip continued. The area is stunning, with lush forests, mountain views and green hills. And of course, the crystal waters of Never Never River intertwine with the (sealed) road many times. There are plenty of different spots to park and have a swim and play, so if you find one area is busy, keep driving five minutes and you’ll find another.

None of the swimming spots had public toilets.

It was a huge morning and the perfect place to celebrate my daughter’s second birthday with a little family picnic. After the big adventure and play, our toddler slept the whole way home, which was an extra win for us! Needless to say, we took the longer, sealed route home.

Official Information:

Address: Never Never Creek on Promised Land Road.

Directions: For the scenic route, take the Gleniffer Rd route through Bonville and beyond. For the safer and easier route, take the Pacific Hwy towards Bellingen and then follow the route through Bellingen. The length of the journey will be about the same (2 minutes difference according to Google Maps), as the scenic road requires a much slower pace.

I recommend not taking the ‘quick’ option unless you have a four-wheel-drive and a stomach for adventurous roads. If your kids can enjoy the constant potholes, bumps and turns without getting sick or spilling food everywhere, that’s a bonus too. My husband had the best time ever and declared it his favourite drive (before we got home and he had to clean the car). It was very scenic, but definitely better to know ahead of time what you’re getting yourself into.